Parri Historical Institute Archive, via Sant’Isaia, 18 – 40123 Bologna. Before entering it is always necessary to set an appointment using the following contacts:

E-mail:  (paper fonds and photographic collections);  (general);
Tel.: +39.0513397233; +39.0513397231; +39.0513397232; Institute Mobile: +39.3351286723 

Fax.: +39.0513397272

Areas of interest

Contamporary History, and particularly the Second World War, Italian fascism, antifascism, Resistance, postwar period and reconstruction.

See the documents’ description (italian language)


Digital Library



The documents’ consultation  is free.

The researchers or scholars who want to see the fonds preserved should make an appointment with the archivist, with whom it is always necessary to make arrangements for future reference.

To access the consultation is necessary to sign the register of entry and complete the form with your personal data and purpose of the research, for any request for documents in consultation. In accordance with the rules on the right to privacy, the processing of personal data is carried out only for statistical purposes and service.

The user is required to deposit any bags and books in the cloakroom (it is not allowed to enter with personal books without permission).

Before leaving the user must return the documents received in consultation to the Archive’s personnel.

The entrance to the reading rooms can be inhibited to people who take a wrong attitude inside the Library locals. It is not allowed to use mobile phones, eating, drinking or smoking in the reading rooms. The institute has a dining room with hot drinks machine and smoking terrace.

People with mobility problems can access the library from number 16/A. In this case it is necessary to ring and require the intervention of an operator.